Understanding the high cost of Hospitalists

Today, the hospitalists (doctors who just see sufferers in the hospital), nearly always in a shift work model, are the quickest increasing specialty in the field of medicine, from nothing approximately fifteen years ago to over 50,000. In accordance with certain studies, few benefits from hospitalists in contrast to “usual […]

How to become a Case Manager?

1: Select the Route of Career The case managers of Nurse and social work case managers in an atmosphere of healthcare are commonly part of a case management team. Relying on your employer, positions may overlap in certain aspects; although, the two roles generally have different focuses. Your targets as […]

How To Avoid Physical Therapy Denials?

Here are the following top 6 tips to assist you ignore the common physical therapy denials. These beneficial tips will ensure accurate coding to ignore the payer scrutiny, and make certain that your practice sustains to be on track towards suitable reimbursement. Compile all the Complexity of Therapy Evaluations In […]

Worker Compensation Billing for Medical Treatments

Another set of instructions or guidelines have been set by the billers and medical coders which affect their work, Workers Compensation. The Compensation of workers carriers underwrites plans and policies that employers carry to cover treatment for wounds or sickness that occur as an outcome of employment. Processing the Compensation […]