How to Confirm Payment Receipt

Relief Funding for Providers

The President signed the

  • Payment Protection Program and Health Enhancement Act, and the
  • CARES Act – $100 billion

HHS is contracting with UnitedHealth Group to facilitate delivery of the funds to the providers.

  • $40 billion has been distributed from April 24 onwards.
  • $20 billion to Medicare facilities and clinicians
    • Some providers who have submitted cost report date to CMMS – receive automatic payment
      • These providers must confirm receipt ( and agree to terms and conditions
    • All others submit revenue information to
  • $10 billion for rural health clinics and hospitals
  • $400 million for the Indian Health Services (IHS)
  • $30 billion was already distributed on April 10 and 17
  • $2.2 trillion under CARES Act, and $1 billion allotted under FFCRA

However, to become eligible for reimbursements, providers must agree not to

  • bill any patient visited at an out-of-network rate
  • No surprise medical bills or statements sent to patients who are presumed to have COVID-19, or are treated for the disease
  • Providers agree to waive balance bills in return for the reimbursements received

Estimate Allocation
To attest to the terms and conditions, provider must make sure the payment received is consistent with the estimated allocation

To calculate the estimate allocation:

Estimated Total Allocation = Program Service Revenue / 2,500,000,000,000 * 50,000,000,000

In case of overpayment, please contact (866) 569-3522

How to confirm payment receipt

Step 1

Attest to the eligibility and agreeing to the terms and conditions within 30 days of payment, and to the fact that you are a billing entity that received Medicare FFS from CMMS in 2019.

Step 2

Enter TIN/EIN or Social Security Numbers.

  • You may enter up to 20 TINS if they are attached to the same billing entity

Step 3

Enter Last 6 Digits of Deposit Account Number and Relief Fund Payment

Payments are made to billing entity account with “HHSPAYMENT” as payment description

Step 4


Step 5


In case of any questions, please feel free to contact us at We’d be glad to be of help.

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