How are medical insurances responding to COVID-19?

Insurance of the Day: Aetna

Stay tuned to find out how the other insurances are helping out.
  • Copays related to COVID-19 related diagnostic testing will be waived off – including all member costs linked with the diagnosis for Medicare, Medicaid or Commercial businesses. 
    • Self-insured plan sponsors can opt out of the program if they choose to.
  • $0 co-pay on telemedicine visits for any reason, not just COVID-19 related visits
  • Extending its Aetna Medicare Advantage virtual evaluation and virtual monitoring for all its fully insured members
  • People diagnosed with the COVID-19 shall receive a special care package
  • Aetna, under the CVS Health Umbrella, is also offering a variety of programs to help people overcome the anxiety and stress related to the pandemic
  • Will be waiving cost-sharing for patients admitted at all out-of-network facilities for treatment of either COVID-19, or related complications.
    • Cost-sharing waived for all Aetna Group and Individual members for a specified duration
  • Is working with hospitals to transfer all patients with issues unrelated to the COVID-19 – to safer, clinically appropriate settings – to make hospitals and ER more prepared for COVID-19 related issues.
  • Streamlining its provider credentialing system to increase the number of health care providers available
  • Is reimbursing providers for telemedicine visits at the same rate as in-person visits for the applicable codes.
  • Has donated $500,000 to Americares COVID-19 Mental health and Psychosocial Support project.
  • Making a $300,000 grant to the Crisis Text Line, which provides 24/7 mental health support for health care workers dealing with stress, anxiety, fear, depression, and/or isolation associated with COVID-19

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